Why Run for Dyslexia?

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By Amy Jackson

I run for kids with dyslexia… so they can have the opportunity to receive research-based instruction in reading and writing. I run for their small successes and big steps toward feeling confident. I run so they can feel good! I run for teachers of students with dyslexia. I run so they know how to help their students be successful in the classroom. I run so they can receive training and attend conferences and workshops to be better equipped to teach the students who walk into their classroom who can’t read. I run to raise funds for the International Dyslexia Association … to create a better future for every child and adult who struggles with dyslexia and other reading difficulties. I run because reading changes lives. Please join me in my journey! 

Read on, visit our website, or contact Tricia Sturm at tsturm@dyslexiaida.org to learn more about TeamQuest.

TeamQuest, the endurance training and fundraising campaign, brings visibility to IDA and all those struggling with dyslexia. Every mile run, every fundraising email sent, and every social media post made, tells the dyslexia story and raises needed funds for teacher training and information and support for individuals with dyslexia. Through TeamQuest, runners and walkers train to complete a marathon or half marathon at one of the country’s top travel destinations. Participants select a personal fundraising goal and receive ongoing, step-by-step guidance to reach that goal. Race registration, pre- and post-event parties, hotel accommodations, training, and coaching are just a few of the benefits to participants. 

Upcoming Rock’n’Roll Marathons

This year we are taking participants to the following Rock’n’Roll Marathons on the weekends listed below:

  • December 3:  San Antonio, TX
  • January 14: Phoenix, AZ
  • March 3: New Orleans, LA
  • March 11: Washington, DC
  • June 3: San Diego, CA

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