IDA Branch Website Management Program


IDA Branch Website Migration

In 2016 IDA launched a major undertaking in line with the Destiny Initiative to present branch websites in an integrated manor under the larger brand umbrella of the IDA.

Together the IDA home office and branches have moved forward with this initiative to strengthen the organization’s brand which includes consistency in the way we represent ourselves to all constituents no matter where they live. Site visitors will be able to easily move between the home office website content and branch website content, seamlessly navigating under a singularly designed brand experience. This opportunity available to all branches. The IDA home office will be covering all expenses related to rebranding and hosting each branch website.

Migrated branch websites are built within the WordPress platform. WordPress is a very intuitive content management system and has many free resources for getting started. Here is a great video on YouTube to help become familiar with the administrative area:

IDA Branch Website Global Maintenance Program

Duckpin will be providing a global maintenance program for the IDA branches starting March 19, 2019. On the evening of March 18, 2019, the branch websites will be migrated to a new hosting environment managed by Duckpin. See below for information regarding this service offering.

The following proactive services will be provided to all branches:

  • Monthly WordPress Core and Plugin Updates
  • Daily website backups
  • Daily security monitoring with automated ticket submission for unusual activity
  • SSL insecure-content audit and repair (at time of program start)
  • SSL presence monitoring with automated ticket submission for SSL missing/expired (checked every 5 minutes)
  • Website uptime monitoring with automated ticket submission for downtime (checked every 5 minutes)
  • Plugin license management in coordination with IDA

The following products are included for all branches:

Request-based services

As part of the program, branches will have access to submit tickets via email to the Duckpin support portal, where services are rendered 9:00am – 5:30pm EST. Phone support is not included for branches. Technical issues can be expected to be resolved in 0-1 business days. Upgrades, improvements, consulting or other non-urgent requests may require more time and are on a case-by-case basis.

Requested services rendered through the support portal will be billed to the branch at $85/hr. Note that any request, regardless of size or nature, may incur charges as they rely on the time and expertise of Duckpin technical staff. Upon ticket submission, a Duckpin representative will first provide a rough estimate of time required to complete the request, and the ticket submitter’s approval will be required to move forward with services. Time-based billing is on 1-minute intervals, ensuring that branches only pay for the minutes used. (Ex. a branch will NOT be charged a full hour if ticket is resolved in 10 minutes)

IDA Home Office has 8 hours per month allocated towards fixes and/or improvements that affect ALL branches. Usage of this time is at the IDA Home Office’s sole discretion. In the event of a ticket submission that may affect ALL branches, a Duckpin representative will notify the submitter that the request is under review by IDA Home Office to determine whether it will be handled via the IDA Home Office hours (with no charge to branch).

Billing & Setup

IDA Home Office will be covering the base program costs including the products and proactive services.

Branches will be directly billed by Duckpin for any request-based services. Branches will be billed monthly on the first business day of the month, and only in the event the branch incurred charges in the previous month.

Branches have two options available for getting setup for request-based services:

  • Option 1: Setup Now
  • Option 2: Setup Later
    • If you opt to setup billing later, your first ticket submission will require setup at that time. Please note this will result in delayed service, as the ticket will not be serviced until setup is complete.


** How will I know if I am going to be charged?

All tickets will be reviewed prior to service. If the ticket appears to be a global branch matter, it will be taken to IDA Home Office for further review and potentially covered under their monthly hours. If the ticket nature is specific to your branch, a Duckpin representative will provide a rough estimate of hours and will require branch approval before moving forward. Note that hours are a best estimate based on initial review, and actual services may result in less or more time. If a drastic difference in time is expected upon further review, you will be notified of the discovery.

** What happens if I already have a service contract with Duckpin?

Your service contract will end on March 31, 2019 and will be automatically cancelled at that time. No further invoices will be sent. Under the global service program, your hourly rate will now be $85/hr.

** Can you help me with my email or personal devices?

Duckpin does not provide IT services and does not maintain any email-related services for IDA Home Office or Branches. Duckpin services under this agreement are limited to the branch websites.

** How do I submit a ticket?

A ticket can be submitted to the Duckpin support portal by emailing “”. Make sure the subject of your email is a brief description of your request. The body of your email should include as much detail as possible so that Duckpin staff may fully understand the request. Make sure the sending email address is one that has been authorized during the registration process. Email addresses that are not authorized will receive delayed service due to a verification process.

** How do I update a ticket?

All ticket interactions take place via email. To update a ticket or respond to a ticket, simply reply to the email that you receive after initial submission. Tickets act like a typical email reply chain. Please do not send updates to existing tickets by submitting a new request- this may delay service as the Duckpin team will need to track down the original request and merge the information to ensure quality service.

Andrew Woods – Managing Partner
Duckpin Design LLC
Mobile: 410-961-0108