The Big Five: 5 Ways the IDA Serves Parent Members

  1. A New Website
    IDA has launched its new website to provide greater visibility to content, resources, and members only content.  New features are still being added to enhance the user experience.  Your feedback is welcome! Please contact the membership department if you need your username to access the members’ only content such as Perspectives, Annals of Dyslexia, and the Journal of Reading and Writing.
  1. Providing Information to you locally
    IDA Branches are holding a series of local and regional events this spring/early summer to support you.  Please check out our events page to see what is happening in your neighborhood.
  1. Establishing a Parent Committee
    IDA is working with fellow parent members to establish a parent committee. This committee will work collaboratively with IDA leaders to share the parent perspective; give input on projects/initiatives, and help shape future benefits that will be useful to parents.  We hope to share more information about this new committee in future issues of Dyslexia Connection.
  1. Improving this parent e-newsletter
    Dyslexia Connection is approaching its 4th anniversary, and IDA reached out to our parent members to find out what they wanted in their parent newsletter.  We appreciate all the numerous responses received.  We look forward to taking these results to provide you with current topics of interest to you over the next year.
  1. By supporting teachers
    IDA’s largest constituent group are educators working with children with Dyslexia.  We provide quality research, information, and support to these educators so they in turn, have the highest skill set available to work with your child.  We encourage you to share IDA information with your child’s educators and encourage them to join so they get these vital resources delivered right to their mailbox or inbox. IDA will begin certifying educators in 2016 to ensure they have the foundation needed to support not just struggling readers, but all readers in their classrooms.  We are currently accrediting Universities that offer curricula that meet our Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading.  Learn more.