DyslexiaCon 2019 Offers Advocacy Essentials for Families

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Volume 9, Issue 2
November 2019

The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) encourages families and other advocates for individuals with dyslexia to attend IDA’s 70th annual conference, Paving the Way for Structured Literacy. This year, in Portland, Oregon, November 7–10, IDA is offering many sessions specifically geared toward parents, other adult family members, students aged 14 and older, and all other individuals interested in advocating for themselves or someone with dyslexia.

When you register for the conference, you will gain access to informative sessions, experts in the field, others living with dyslexia, and the most current information on evidence-based practices. You can register and preview the conference program here. See pages 10 and 11 for a list of parent-friendly sessions and page 12 for sessions on advocacy.

Conference highlights include the following sessions:

  • Dyslexia Spells Success! (Thursday, Nov. 7th): During this panel discussion, a CEO, artist, UX/UI designer, poet, and two youth champions share their personal experiences of growing up with dyslexia and offer advice for unleashing “the secret sauce of dyslexia” to succeed in life. Whether you are dyslexic or care for someone who is, you will be inspired by these stories.
  • Dyslexia 101 (Saturday, Nov. 9th): The diagnosis of dyslexia can be overwhelming. What does it mean? What happens next? This session provides accurate information to help families understand the diagnosis and intervention process.
  • Helping Dyslexics: Reflections of a Psychologist, a Lawyer, and a Pediatrician (Saturday, Nov. 9th): This interactive session features a psychologist, lawyer, and pediatrician addressing issues relating to advocacy for individuals with dyslexia, including the role of mediation, the judicial process, and advocating for interventions and accommodations.
  • Motivating Students With Dyslexia (Sunday, Nov. 10th): Motivation is central and essential for learning. It is particularly challenging for students with learning disabilities who face daily instances of low self-esteem and lack of confidence. In this session, current knowledge is discussed with an emphasis on practical strategies.
  • Parent Round Tables (Sunday, Nov. 10th): This session offers small-group discussions with experts in the field of dyslexia and other learning differences. Topics include assistive technology, executive functioning, dyscalculia, homeschooling, student advocacy, dyslexia, ADHD and other co-existing issues, writing, and more.

Click here to register and book your accommodations today. See you in Portland!

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