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Many Layers of Dyslexia: Gene Discovery is Just the Beginning
IDA Releases New Fact Sheet on the Knowledge and Practice Standards
Spotlight on IDA Recognized Programs: Mississippi College
From the Desk of the President
Reading Changes Lives

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The Anne Ford and Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarships offer financial assistance to two graduating seniors with documented learning disabilities (LD) who are pursuing post-secondary education.
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December 2014

Many Layers of Dyslexia: Gene Discovery is Just the Beginning


Multiple issues, including genetic and environmental factors–programmed or just by chance-influence our behavior, cognitive abilities, character traits, how likely we are to have a disorder, and how our brains are organized. A wide range of environmental factors may include, but would not be limited to, exposure to hormones during pregnancy (prenatal influence), nutrition, exposure to toxins, infections, traumatic injury, parental care, home setting, peer relationships, school experience, and culture. read more

IDA Releases New Fact Sheet on the Knowledge and Practice Standards


IDA Fact SHeets

The IDA Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading (Knowledge and Practice Standards) provide a comprehensive research based framework that articulates what all reading teachers and specialists should know and be able to demonstrate to teach reading successfully to all students. The focus of the Knowledge and Practice Standards is the structure of language and its component systems, their connections to design and delivery of instruction, and the complex nature of skilled reading. Such knowledge is critical in teaching those with dyslexia and other struggling readers, but all students can benefit from the Structured Literacy approach. Read More.

Spotlight on IDA Recognized Programs: Mississippi College


The International Dyslexia Association reviews and accredits university and college teacher

training programs that meet IDA’s Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading. This document guides endorsement of programs that prepare teachers of reading and/or programs that specialize in preparing teachers to work with students who have reading difficulties and disabilities. This month, the Examiner is pleased to profile the Master of Dyslexia Therapy at Mississippi College in Clinton, Mississippi. Click here to see all the programs IDA has recognized thus farRead More.

From the Desk of the President


In this quarterly feature, IDA President, Hal Malchow, shares an update on the many things happening at IDA. This year has shown marked improvement, and IDA has been incredibly busy. We are making great progress in building a bigger, better, and more effective IDA. Read More.

Reading Changes Lives 

Our campaign to change reading instruction is now getting underway. We need your help in putting another piece in place to bring evidence-based reading instruction to American classrooms. In early 2016, we will make our certification exam available to educators across America. But releasing the exam is not enough. We need to provide online courses that will enable teachers to prepare for and pass this exam. Your generous year-end contribution will enable us to begin work on this important project, increase the number of teachers taking our exam, and most importantly, build a bigger supply of teachers trained in Structured Literacy. Read More.

IDA Celebrates the Life of a Literacy Legend


In late October, we lost a giant in the field.  Dr. Sylvia Onesti Richardson was a teacher, a speech language pathologist, and a pediatrician. She was a pioneer in the field of learning challenges and was a pillar of IDA, where she felt at home. Sylvia made innumerable contributions to the field of dyslexia and learning disabilities. She was Past President of IDA and the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). In addition, she was Past Chair of the National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities. Above all, Sylvia was a staunch advocate for those who had learning challenges, especially individuals with dyslexia. She was an inspiration to many of us, a wonderful mentor, and a committed advocate.

During the 64th Annual Conference in San Diego last month, we honored Sylvia with this video.

Click here to read her full memorial. 

Examiner Editor: Nancy Cushen White, Ed.D., Learning Specialist, Clinical Professor, University California San Francisco and Past IDA National Board Member
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Examiner Managing Editor: Kristen L. Penczek, M.A., IDA Interim Executive Director

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