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IDA Announces New President
IDA Accredits Eight New University Programs
Dr. Dave’s AT Lab: Did You Catch All That? Note-Taking and AT
Nominations Open for 2014 Remy Johnston Certificate of Merit
IDA Seeks Feedback on Text-To-Speech Software
Interview: IDA Past President Emerson Dickman

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May 2014

IDA Announces New President

At our annual spring meeting, we took an 
opportunity to reflect on the significant progress that we have made over the last two-and-a-half years and set our sights on our future goals. Just a couple of years ago, with budget deficits, outdated bylaws, declining membership, antiquated IT infrastructure, and unclear focus, the future of IDA looked uncertain. Today, however, IDA is in a much different situation. We have a balanced operational budget and updated, flexible bylaws. Our membership has and continues to increase. A new IT infrastructure and website are underway, and the national board just approved the funds to develop IDA’s teacher certification examination. Read More.

IDA Accredits Eight New University Programs


IDA recently completed the second round of university program reviews, resulting in the accreditation of eight additional programs that are aligned with the IDA Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading. The announcement was made in the following press release on May 14th. A major goal in publishing the IDA Standards in 2010 was to use them as a framework for course content in university-based teacher training programs that prepare teachers of reading. IDA conducted the first round of university reviews in 2012, resulting in the recognition of nine programsBecause of the rigor of IDA’s review process, IDA has changed the terminology from IDA recognition to IDA accreditation. Congratulations to those who have worked so hard to build teacher preparation programs that meet IDA’s standards. Read More.

Dr. Daves’s AT Lab: Did You Catch All That? Note-Taking and AT


Taking notes while listening puts a heavy demand on working memory. All of us can think of times when we were able to write part of the information, then realized we had forgotten the rest or had lost track of what the speaker was saying while we were writing. A few simple strategies based on the UDL (Universal Design for Learning) principle of Multiple Means of Representation (see www.cast.org for a description of UDL) can reduce the impact of working memory constraints. Read More.

Nominations Open for 2014 Remy Johnston Certificate of Merit 


Nominations for the 2014 Remy Johnston Certificate of Merit are now being accepted. The Remy Johnston Certificate of Merit was established to honor the memory of Remy Johnston, a young student with dyslexia, the son of Joyce & Ronald Johnston, and a philosophy major at Wooster College in Ohio, when he died tragically in February 1989, only a few months before he was to graduate. Read More.

IDA Seeks Feedback on Text-To-Speech Software

Take Survey

IDA has been talking with parents about how we can do a better job of supporting their struggle to get the right education for their children. Which assistive technologies work best is a hot topic.  So we are surveying our supporters for their opinions about different assistive technology products. The first of a variety of surveys in the coming months is about Text-To-Speech products. If you have used any TTS products, we invite you to participate. We hope that this survey will help parents make better decisions about assistive technology for children. Results will be compiled and available online.  Take the Survey! 

Interview: IDA Past President Emerson Dickman 


Emerson Dickman

IDA’s Historical Archives Committee took on the task of videotaping interviews of all the previous IDA Presidents who are still alive. A previous vice-president, Louisa Moats, was also interviewed.  The interviews were carried out at the 2012 Annual Conference in Baltimore. Members of the committee conducted the interviews. They are Wilson Anderson, Karen Dakin, Marcia Henry, Amy Lawrence, Martha Renner, and Mark Westervelt. Mark provided the technical support for the videotaping. The videos, starting with Drake Duane, MD., appear in The Examiner. This month we have Karen Dakin interviewing G. Emerson Dickman, III, J.D. Thank you to all who made these videos, so rich in IDA history, as well as rich in the history of the field of dyslexia, possible. Click Here to view Emerson’s interview.  Click Here to view the Past-Presidents Video Library. 

Examiner Editor: Nancy Cushen White, Ed.D., Learning Specialist, Clinical Professor, University California San Francisco and Past IDA National Board Member
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