IDA Accredits 14 Programs Aligned to Principles and Practices of Structured Literacy

Since 2018, The International Dyslexia Association’s (IDA) has been conducting reviews of universities and independent teacher preparation programs. IDA’s Program Review and Accreditation initiative is a unique accrediting model, in that it promotes the systematic evaluation and refinement of educator preparation programs against IDA’s research-based Knowledge and Practice Standards (KPS) for Teachers of Reading. When an educator preparation program displays the IDA Accredited Program seal and advertises itself as an IDA Accredited Program, the public is assured that program completers have engaged a rigorous, standards-based preparation program designed to promote candidate mastery of the principles and practices of Structured Literacy, the science of reading and is aligned to the 2018 IDA’s Knowledge and Practice Standards (KPS) for Teachers of Reading.

The following programs have been reviewed and awarded IDA accreditation:

• March 2021 – North Carolina Department of Education
Reading Research to Classroom Practice
• April 2021 – AIM Institute for Learning and Research
Pathways to Proficient Reading
Pathways to Structured Literacy, the Orton-Gillingham Approach
• August 2021 – Hamilton County Education Services Center
Online Orton-Gillingham Multisensory Reading I; and
Online Orton-Gillingham Multisensory Reading II
• November 2021 – May Center for Learning
May Center Teaching Institute
• November 2021 – Neuhaus Education Center
Online Certification Program for Dyslexia Specialists (OCPDS)

• January 2022 – University of Central Arkansas
Maters in Reading
Dyslexia Certificate
• January 2022 – Carlow University
MEd in Reading Specialist
• January 2022 – Region 4 Education Service Center
Reading by Design
• January 2022 – Webster University
MA in Reading – Certificate in Dyslexia
Graduate Certificate in Dyslexia
• February 2022 – Drexel University
Master’s of Special Education – Dyslexia Specialist
• March 2022 – Keys to Literacy
Keys to Beginning Reading
• April 2022 – Arcadia University
PreK-4 Undergraduate with Certification
• April 2022 – University of Southern Mississippi
Master’s of Education – Dyslexia Therapy
• April 2022 – Valley Speech Language and Learning Center
Basic Language Skills
WELLS – Structured Literacy for English Learners

A complete list of university programs accredited by IDA is available at and IDA accredited independent teacher training programs can be found at

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