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Book Reviews

Understanding Dyslexia and Other Learning Disorders (October 2013)

Common Core State Standards

The Common Core State Standards (2012) 

Controversial Therapies/Issues

False Claims Mislead About Dyslexia Treatment (ChromaGen Colored Lenses) (August 2013)  

Dyslexia in First Person

Lindsay Leavitt’s Extraordinary Gift (December 2013)

Quinn’s Quest (October 2013)

Tiffany Coletti Titolo, a Woman to Watch (December 2012)

Prize-Winning Poet: Discovering ‘My Dyslexia’ At 58 (September 2011)

Dyslexia/Literacy Policy/Legislation

Congressional Hearing on Dyslexia Highlights the Need for Better Teacher Training (September 2014)

Rep. Cassidy Introduces Dyslexia Resolution (January 2014)

IDA Plays Role in NJ Laws Recognizing Dyslexia (August 2013)

Federal Government Convenes Commission to Help College and Graduate Students with Disabilities (2013)

Move on When Reading…Why is Third Grade so Important? (March 2013)

Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee (February 2013)

ONBIDA successful at Supreme Court of Canada (November 2012)

The President Goes to Washington (2012)

IDA Goes to Capitol Hill in Support of the Congressional Dyslexia Bi-Partisan Caucus (2012)

IDA Leaders Respond to Education Week Article on Wisconsin Legislation (2012)

Dyslexia Comes to Congress: A Call to Action (2012)

UPDATE: Ohio Dyslexia Legislation (2012)

BREAKING NEWS: Dyslexia Legislation Passes in Ohio (2011)

Re-Authorizing ESEA: Where Are We? (2011)

Justice Department Settles with National Board of Medical Examiners (2011)

State Literacy Laws: Wisconsin (2011)

Dyslexia/Literacy Research

Science of Dyslexia: Many Layers of Dyslexia: Gene Discovery is Just the Beginning (December 2014)

Why Study Dynamic Visual-Spatial Thinking In Dyslexia? (October 2014)

The Emerging Field of Educational Neuroscience Is Changing the Landscape of Educational Research and Practice (July 2014)

Too Soon to Declare Handwriting a Relic of the Past (June 2014)

Faulty Access and Not Representation of Phonemes in Dyslexia? New Scientific Evidence Sheds Light on the Debate (March 2014)

Dyslexia and Visuospatial Processing Strengths: New Research Sheds Light (January 2014)

Visual System Differences in Dyslexia Do Not Cause Reading Problems (July 2013)

Comments on “Listening Aids May Help Boost Dyslexic Kids’ Reading Skills” (November 2012)

Comments on Dyslexia and Visual Attention Study (2012)

Upside of Dyslexia? Science Scant, but Intriguing (2012)

Brain Activity Associated with Dyslexia Predates Difficulty Learning to Read (2012)

Brain Imaging Study Shows Physiological Basis of Dyslexia (September 2011)

Dyslexia independent of IQ (September 2011)

IDA Research Committee Update: Teacher knowledge of basic language concepts and dyslexia. (June 2011)

Joint Technical Report-Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, and Vision (2011)

Recent Research Findings on the Brain Basis of Dyslexia (March 2011)

Early Childhood

The Council Releases Revised Core Competencies for Practitioners and Administrators (2013)

Texas Early Learning Council Releases New Guidelines (2013)

Educator Preparation/Training

Spotlight on IDA Recognized Programs: Mississippi College (December 2014)

Spotlight on IDA Recognized Programs: Gordon College (October 2014)

Spotlight on IDA Recognized Programs: University of Florida (September 2014)

Spotlight on IDA Recognized Programs: Southeastern University (August 2014)

Spotlight on IDA Accredited Programs: Fairleigh Dickinson University (June 2014)

IDA Accredits Eight New University Programs (May 2014)

Spotlight on IDA Recognized Programs: Colorado College (April 2014)

Accrediting University Programs that Meet the IDA Standards (March 2014)

Spotlight on IDA Recognized Programs: St. Joseph’s University (February 2014)

Spotlight on IDA Recognized Programs: Simmons  (December 2013)

Spotlight on IDA Recognized Programs: SMU (October 2013)

Spotlight on IDA’s Recognized Programs: MGH (August 2013)

Spotlight on IDA’s Recognized Programs: UCCS (July 2013)

Spotlight on IDA’s Recognized Programs: Mount St. Joseph’s (February 2013)

IDA Recognizes IMSLEC and NILD for Meeting Teacher Training Standards in Reading (February 2013)

The IDA Standards: Where Do We Go from Here? (December 2012)

IDA Recognizes Universities for Meeting Teacher Training Standards in Reading (May 2012)

IDA Launches Reviews of University Teacher Training Programs (2012)

Teacher Preparation: Key to Effective Instruction (IDA KPS) (2011)

Evaluation & Diagnosis

DSM-5 Changes: What are the Implications? (January 2014)

IDA Partner/Allied Organization News

NCTQ Releases New Report on Schools of Education (July 2014)

Learning Ally: Get the Jump on Back-to-School Reading with These Top Tips (August 2013)

NJCLD Convenes Popular Symposium on Common Core State Standards (2013)

NCTQ Report-NCTQ Grades Schools of Education (2013)

The Center for Child Evaluation & Teaching (CCET): An IDA Global Partner in the Heart of Arabia! (February 2013)

NCTQ Report-State Policy (2013)

NJCLD-National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities News (2013)

IDA Partners with AME to support LEARN Act (March 2012)

NCTQ Report-State of the States: Trends and Early Lessons on Teacher Evaluation and Effectiveness Policies (October 2011)

NCTQ Report-Teacher Prep (2011)

IDA Global Partners-News & Notes (2011)

NJCLD-LD Implications for Policy Regarding Research and Practice (2011)

Tremaine Report-Poll Reveals Confusion about LD (February 2010)

IDA Position Statements

IDA Urges ILA to Review and Clarify Key Points in Dyslexia Research Advisory (2016)

IDA Responds to the “Dyslexia Debate” (April 2014)

DSM-5 Petition: Call to Action (2012)

Inside IDA: Awards

Q&A with Cameron Herold: Pinnacle Award Winner (October 2014)

Conference Spotlight: Meet Fumiko Hoeft, M.D., Ph.D. (Geschwind Memorial Lecturer) (October 2014)

Meet Thomas Hircock: Recipient of Remy Johnston Certificate of Merit (September 2013)

Meet Alice Thomas: Recipient of IDA Presidential Award of Excellence (September 2013)

Meet Blake Charlton: Recipient of the IDA Pinnacle Award (September 2013)

Laurie Cutting to Give Prestigious Geschwind Lecture (September 2013)

Remy Johnston Achievement Award: Jessica Dupiche (2010)

IDA to Honor Louisa Moats with Orton Award (September 2013)

IDA Leader (Sophie Cassidy Gibson) Receives Etoile DuBard Award of Excellence (2012)

Celebration of Reading: Hagan Receives Bush Donation (2011)

Inside IDA: Initiatives & Directions

From the Desk of the President: Winter 2014 IDA Update (Winter 2014)

From the Desk of the President: Fall 2014 IDA Update (Fall 2014)

IDA Takes Bold Steps to Improve Teacher Knowledge and Practice (August 2014)

Structured Literacy: New Term Unifies Us, Sells What We Do (July 2014)

IDA Announces New President (May 2014)

IDA is Fighting for Change (January 2014)

Moving Forward While Looking Back (2011)

IDA Is Moving Forward (2010)


Q&A with Dan Pink (September 2012)

Technology & New Media

Dr. Dave’s AT Lab: AT for Reading: Even More Alternative Strategies Using AT (September 2015)

Dr. Dave’s AT Lab: AT for Reading: Alternative Strategies using AT (February 2015)

Dr. Dave’s AT Lab: Reading E-Text: Alternative Strategies Using AT (June 2015)

Dr. Dave’s AT Lab: AT for Reading: Young Children (October 2014)

Dr. Cheesman’s App Chat: Games to Boost Math Skills (August 2014)

Dr. Daves’s AT Lab: Did You Catch All That? Note-Taking and AT (May 2014)

Dr. Cheesman’s App Chat: Vocabulary & Morphology (April 2014)

Dr. Daves’s AT Lab: Welcome to Dr. Dave’s AT Lab! (February 2014)

Dr. Cheesman’s App Chat: Holiday Gifts! (December 2013)

Dr. Cheesman’s App Chat: Spelling (August 2013)

Dr. Cheesman’s App Chat: Ten Interactive Books for Kids, Teens, and Adults (May 2013)

Dr. Cheesman’s App Chat: iPad Apps for Literacy Instruction (February 2013)

Leverage Social Media: Drive Change! (2011)

Viewpoints & Perspectives

Allegiance to the Facts: Best Approach for Students with Dyslexia (January 2016)

Maryanne Wolf Reflects on The Dyslexia Debate (June 2014)

Reading: The Gateway Drug (2012)

Science Can Lead to Better Readers (Journal Sentinel: Opinion) (August 2011)