IDA’s New Dyslexia Library Serves Families, Professionals, and Researchers

The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) has launched the premier Dyslexia Digital Library at to serve the millions of people worldwide who have dyslexia, their families and teachers, and the global research community whose work informs the science of reading. “For more than 70 years, IDA has been the leader in providing publications and resources to this community,” says CEO Sonja Banks. “IDA’s new digital library makes this knowledge base more accessible than ever.”

The Dyslexia Digital Library houses an extensive collection of IDA’s most informative articles, fact sheets, infographics, and videos organized in a searchable, user-friendly site that also includes frequently asked questions and trending topics. Families can learn strategies to help them advocate for their child with dyslexia, reading teachers can find guidance on applying the principles of Structured Literacy in their classrooms, researchers can review the work of their peers—these are just a few examples of how to use the library.

This free resource, funded in part by a generous donation from the Georgia Branch of IDA, will continue to grow with new content and new features in the days ahead. “Globally, it is estimated that between 5-10% of the population experience dyslexia, which equates to around 700 million people worldwide, says CEO Sonja Banks. “As an organization, we are committed to helping everyone who struggles to read by provided the tools and resources individuals, educators, and researcher need until everyone can read.”

About International Dyslexia Association (IDA)

The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) provides the opportunity for all people who struggle with dyslexia and other related reading differences to have richer, more robust lives by providing access to the tools and resources they need. IDA’s home office, 46 branches in the United States and Canada, and 17 Global Partners provide educator training, publications, information, and support to help struggling readers around the world. IDA is the authoritative voice of current and reliable research and information to educate families and professionals about dyslexia and to inform the practice and policy changes needed to provide effective instruction for all people to learn to read. IDA has been serving individuals with dyslexia, their families, and professionals in the field for more than 70 years. Its membership is composed of a global network of people with dyslexia, their families, educators, diagnosticians, physicians, researchers, and other professionals in the field. IDA provides publications and information and referral services to thousands of people each year, and its annual conference attracts thousands of researchers, clinicians, parents, teachers, psychologists, educational therapists, and people with dyslexia. Visit IDA at to learn more.


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