In Memoriam: Elinor “Ellie” Hartwig

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January 2016

By Denise Douce

Elinor Hartwig served as executive director of the International Dyslexia Association (IDA) from 1983–1985. She also served as editor of Perspectives, Bulletin of The Orton Society and Annals of Dyslexia. Ms. Hartwig left IDA to fulfill her duties as owner and editor at York Press, A Baltimore-based publishing company, where she used her publishing company as a vehicle to get quality information into the hands of those who wanted it, mostly educators.

“Ellie founded York Press to disseminate scientifically grounded information about language, literacy, and dyslexia when such books were few,” said Louisa Moats, Ed.D. “Ellie initiated contacts with prospective authors, encouraged them to publish, and devoted her considerable editorial skills to generating a series of excellent books.”

Ms. Hartwig also donated many hours of editorial oversight to IDA publications. “Everything she touched, she improved,” added Dr. Moats. “We owe her enduring respect and gratitude for the voice she gave to IDA’s mission.”

Rosemary Bowler, Ph.D., IDA Executive Director from 1988–1993, was hired by Ms. Hartwig to serve as the editor of Annals of Dyslexia. Dr. Bowler remembers Ellie as a mentor who introduced her to printers and the peer review process. Soon after, according to Dr. Bower, Ellie bought York Press, which she built into “a strong house for publications on dyslexia by actively soliciting manuscripts from the major players.”

“She was a gracious woman with a keen sense of humor and a real dedication to IDA,” said Bowler.

IDA is grateful for Ellie’s contribution to this organization and the dyslexia community at large. She will be missed.

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