It’s Time To Take The Shot – Make The Impact To Change the Future!

“Ooops!  It’s April, but We’re still Marching Mad about Helping Struggling Students with Dyslexia”.  The Madness continues…30 more days ahead.

One of the great travesties of this pandemic is that it has hit the most vulnerable among us the hardest.

“It is imperative to direct Structured Literacy instruction to the students who need it most.”

In today pandemic environment, the learning loss has reported staggering numbers of student struggling with distance learning , IDA’s role is more important than ever in connecting dyslexia professionals, specialists, teachers, parents and like-minded organizations to support the critical needs of students struggling with dyslexia and other reading difficulties.

The goal of the March Madness campaign is to highlight the value of IDA’s membership and support by highlighting the impact of IDA members on lives of students with dyslexia and emphasize that IDA membership connects the community of dyslexia professionals to the resources and content that will drive well needed change for the students who need support more than ever.  Click Here to support the campaign today!

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