House Health Bill

Today, the United States House of Representatives voted on and passed, by a narrow margin of 217 to 213, a bill to repeal the Affordable Care […]

Do We Need a New Definition of Dyslexia?

Emerson Dickman has been involved in developing and promoting a universally accepted definition of dyslexia for more than twenty-five years. In this article, he reviews the history of the current definition and considers whether it is time for a new one.

Assessing Risks and Needs in Youths: Fourth RETA Focus Group Session

As professionals working with young children and adults, it is our responsibility to update our skills so that we are at our best for our learners. Admittedly, this drive to learn may be prompted by a situation, an encounter, or the possibility of being put in an unfamiliar place; and consequently, we seek out repositories of knowledge, which may be in the form of an esteemed colleague.