The Legendary Diana Hanbury King

(September 2, 1927-June 15, 2018) Diana Hanbury King (1927-2018), pioneer and legend in the field of dyslexia, passed away at her home on June 15 […]

From College to the Workforce: Advice for New Grads With Dyslexia

IDA would like to wish Heidi Belanger good luck as she prepares to run the San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon on June 3 for IDA’s TeamQuest! We asked Heidi, a recent college graduate with dyslexia, for her thoughts on what worked for her as she prepared to leave college and enter the workforce. Click on the headline above to read her advice. For more on transitions from high school to college to career, read the Winter 2018 issue of Perspectives, “Dyslexia and Transitions,” available in our Resources section.

By Focusing on Dyslexia, We Address the Needs of All Children

Do you have a moment to talk about the “D word,” also known as dyslexia? We hoped we were past needing to have this conversation—but if you read a recent Huffington Post opinion piece about a “supposed dyslexic subgroup,” or saw any of the social media commentaries, you know that we still need to have difficult conversations about dyslexia.