Parent Member Benefits

All IDA parent members will receive a number of publications and member benefits. They include:

Dyslexia Connection: An electronic newsletter written just for parents to keep you informed and connected to all matters that deals with dyslexia and related learning disabilities. Articles focus on parenting, advocacy and other issues facing families with children who learn differently.

The eXaminer: An e-newsletter containing news about IDA and dyslexia.

Perspectives: You will receive by email, an electronic copy of IDA’s quarterly publication, Perspectives on Language and Literacy. Perspectives discusses educational best practices, curriculum methods, case studies and first-person application of multisensory structured language teaching techniques.

Annals: IDA’s tri-annual Annals of Dyslexia is an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the scientific study of dyslexia and related language disabilities.

Discounted Conference Fees: All parent members receive a $ ______ discount on registration fees when attending IDA’s annual Conference on Reading, Literacy & Learning. Our conference includes a special two-day program focused exclusively on families. Discounted fees on branch conferences are also available to members.

Branch Membership: All parent members of IDA automatically receive membership in one of IDA’s 41 state and local branches and will have the opportunity to meet with other members to share stories and work for solutions.