MCE Platform


As with reading instruction, the IDA supports IT solutions that are evidence-based. The IDA’s Marketing and Community Engagement Platform (MCE) leverages proven, scaleable, secure, flexible technologies to help serve the needs of IDA members, Branch Stakeholders, Global Partners and Staff.


The IDA believes member dollars should be spent on helping people with dyslexia, not expensive IT infrastructure. That’s why runs on powerful cloud based technologies including WordPress. And we’re not alone, more than 70 million sites are taking advantage of these versatile, very low cost, open solutions.


Increased efficiency and collaboration will save time and money, and, in turn, strengthen our community and provide more resources for those who have dyslexia.

No Vendor Lock-In

Experts agree it’s important to avoid being overly reliant on a single vendor, which can drive up cost and make it difficult to adapt to change. That’s why, instead of placing our future in the hands of a single company, the IDA chose to leverage industry standard, interchangeable, best of breed components.



It was determined the IDA’s legacy URL, “,” was an obstacle for members and constituents. A study was conducted to identify a simpler shorter URL to better serve our community. We evaluated hundreds of options, narrowed the field to sixty, consulted with experts, and selected This URL is short, easy to remember, easy to type (especially on small mobile keyboards) and will serve us well as our organization continues to improve our digital presence. “ida” is who we are. “e” represents excellence, education, empowerment, enthusiasm, equality, excitement, effectiveness and… evidence-based.

Platform Architecture