Resources to Support Implementation

Dyslexia Legislation and Policy Information

Reading and Screening

Screen and Intervene Collaborative

National Center for Intensive Intervention, Screening Tools Chart

Southern Region Education Board

Iowa Reading Research Center and University of Iowa College of Education (Grades 6-8)

Center for Teaching and Learning, University of Oregon (DIBELS)

Early (Emergent) Literacy

Center for Early Literacy Learning

Preschool (age 4)

Child Find

Doing What Works Library, WestEd

Teaching Phonological Awareness in Preschool

National Institute for Early Literacy

Early Beginnings: Early Literacy Knowledge and Instruction (Goodson et al. 2009)

National Early Literacy Panel (NELP)

Preschool Literacy Instruction

National Center on Improving Literacy

How We Learn to Read: The Critical Role of Phonological Awareness

Learning About Your Childs Reading Development

Reading Rockets: Phonological and Phonemic Awareness: Introduction

Definitions, Criteria, and Requirements

Selected State Implementation Models for Reading


R.I.S.E. Arkansas: Arkansas Department of Education


Evaluation & Recommendations on Teacher Preparation for Early Literacy Instruction

New Jersey

Multisensory Structured LiteracyGroup Instruction Methodology

Comprehension and Fluency

Dyslexia and Other Reading DisabilitiesAn Overview of Screening, Assessment, Intervention, and Assistive Technology


Dyslexia Law: Carrie Thomas Beck, Dyslexia Specialist, Oregon Department of Education, Oregon Dyslexia Legislation Video, Frequently Asked Questions, 2017


Screening and Instruction Pilot Data, Year 2, AIR Report, 1/2018

South Carolina

Module 1: What is it and what do we know about it?
Module 2: How do we screen for dyslexia and other reading disorders?
Module 3: EvidenceBased Instruction for Students with Dyslexia


Structured Literacy Course for Parents and Educators

Tools to Try

Tools & Resources

Policy Support



Template: School District Q&A on Dyslexia

Research Access: IDA, (free through library); email author


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Checklists for: Screening, Instruction & Accommodations

Teacher Surveys: IA, MN, OR
National Surveys: IDEA

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HARO: Help a Reporter Out

State Chapters of Decoding Dyslexia

State Handbooks & Policy


Social Learning: Flipgrid (w/ Immersive Reader)

The Guerrilla Guide for Effective Dyslexia Advocacy: DDNJ

Pockets of Promise

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Templates for storytelling at all levels of advocacy

Southern Region Education Board (SREB): Supporting Dyslexia

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Fact Sheet: Cited Reading & Dyslexia Statistics & Facts


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Dyslexia Blogs and Websites

IDA Fact Sheets, Perspectives, Annals of Dyslexia





Comparison: Guided Reading & Structured Literacy

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