The One Sign Your Child is in the Right School

While there are many ways to gauge if your first or second grader is in the right school, the best indicator is high self-esteem.

It’s easy to be seduced by Blue Ribbon awards, top peer rankings, well-intentioned teachers and new cafeteria tables but if your child
has low self esteem it could be a sign she’s not in the right school. Parents are often surprised to learn many highly ranked schools do not utilize time-honored methods of reading instruction; this will cause children with dyslexia to struggle and, in turn, lower their self-esteem.

In first grade, the effects can be subtle. Bright children may have a high sight word vocabulary and appear to be keeping up but inside they know something’s not quite right and self-doubt creeps in. So even if everything seems great on the outside, pay attention to your child’s self-esteem, it may be the most important sign of all.

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