Practicum Supervisors

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Any person holding supervisory credentials from ALTA/IMSLEC, AOGPE, Wilson Level II,  NILD, or YOGA is a candidate for application to supervise practicum for IDA’s Dyslexia Practitioner or Dyslexia Therapist candidates. 

Examples of supervision levels recognized by IDA are in the chart below.







Dyslexia Therapist

Instructor of Therapy Level/ QI


Level II Trainer


Dyslexia Practitioner

Instructor of Teaching Level/ICALP


Level I Trainer


The Committee for IDA Dyslexia Certification and Accreditation may also approve a professional for practicum supervision if that person meets the following requirements.

  • Has experience mentoring teachers in a variety of teaching situations.
  • Has deep knowledge of the instructional needs of struggling readers.
  • Has deep knowledge of and experience with multi-tiered, data-driven instruction.
  • Understands that All expenses for travel and supervision of practicums are paid for by the individual who is being supervised or by the sponsoring school or district.
  • Must pass CERI Exam.
  • Must submit documentation of 10 continuing education units annually.
  • Although not a requirement, availability to provide supervision services and consultation through travel and web conferencing should be noted.

Persons wishing to provide practicum supervision who do not hold credentials listed above can contact the Committee for IDA Certification and Accreditation:


                        Council for IDA Dyslexia Certification and Accreditation

                        40 York Road, Suite 400

                        Baltimore, MD 21204-5202