Youth Workforce Program Application

About the Workforce Program

The IDA Youth Workforce Program provides both workshop and hands–on transition skills training to assist youth between the ages of 14 –20 in pursuing career goals and obtaining success in the workforce.

The program will provide life skills, dyslexia resilience and career development content and training in a digital format through IDA’s streaming service – IDA TV, that will enable students to work independently on a set 6-to-8-week schedule. Digital content will be disseminated weekly via IDA’s online student portal, along with weekly group sessions from coaches through ZOOM. IDA will offer this learning and coaching experience three times per year with a targeted enrollment of 50 to 100 students per training. Upon completion of their training, students will receive a certificate of completion to present to partner employers.

Upon the completion of the program participants will:

  1. Understand and create a viable career plan for pursuance.
  2. Gain valuable life and career preparation skills such as resume writing, application filing, interviewing, budgeting, writing, public speaking, time- management, goal setting and establishing financial and credit worthiness.
  3. Be able to make life decisions and solve problems through utilizing personal analysis and conflict resolution skills.
  4. Obtain employable/ vocational or entrepreneurial skills and work experience.
  5. Be eligible to obtain entry-level employment, earning salaries of minimum wage or higher or be prepared to enter an institution of higher education.

The program is hosted through the Home Office of the International Dyslexia Association, in partnership with the Synchrony Foundation.

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