Around the Web: Dyslexia Connection Vol. 9, Issue 1

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Volume 9, Issue 1
April 2019


In this fast-paced world, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest news and research from so many different sources. What’s true? What’s not? Who is reliable? Who is just trying to sell the latest fad? In an effort to keep you in the loop, we have provided a few of our favorite links below.

  1. “How Technology Helped Me Cheat Dyslexia”
    In this article from Wired, Lisa Wood Shapiro takes readers through her journey as a young student with dyslexia, through being an early career writer hiding her dyslexia, to an established writer finally able to talk about the learning disorder. She describes how she masked her dyslexia in the past and the technologies she uses as supports, as well as the promises of technologies to help identify dyslexia and assist those who struggle to read.
  2. “Tech Tips: Livescribe Smartpen”
    This tech review of the Livescribe smartpen comes to readers from the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity. 
  3. “How to Teach Students With Dyslexia to Use Assistive Technology”
    This overview of assistive technology is targeted for parents who homeschool, but all parents and general educators may find it to be a useful resource.
  4. Beyond Blending and Segmenting: Advanced Phonological Awareness
    This video presents an excellent workshop from Dr. Pam Kastner on phonological and phonemic awareness. 
  5. “Free Literacy Resources for Parents and Professionals”
    This web page contains a round-up of free literacy-related resources for parents, speech-language pathologists, and other professionals. 

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