IDA’s Go Red Global Soirée

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International Dyslexia Association

Over 40 million Americans are living with dyslexia. With dyslexia occurring among people of all economic and ethnic backgrounds and more than 2 million children struggling with reading, IDA’s work is more important than ever!


On October 17th, IDA will host an unprecedented 24-hour LIVE Stream global fundraising event, turn all of our social media RED and showcase the Go Red For Dyslexia Global Awareness Campaign to raise awareness and funds for dyslexia.

We’re testing our endurance and preparing to kick-off the Global Soirée with a celebrity RED Carpet Walk starting at 12 noon followed by the highly anticipated IDA LIP SERVICE lip sync battle. The extraordinary 24-hour fundraiser will bring much-needed awareness for dyslexia with the goal to raise $200,000.

Your support is needed to reach our goal and assist thousands of families affected by dyslexia and other reading difficulties.

Accept the Challenge
Will You Go “Beyond Lip Service?”

Simple ways to participate: We need your help to make the campaign a success.

BECOME A SPONSOR| The IDA RED GLOBAL SOIRÉE is our bold challenge to no longer allow children with dyslexia to fall behind their peers. Stand with us and support #IDAGORED in our sponsorship opportunities. CLICK HERE

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Thank you in advance for your support!