Links We Like: Examiner Vol. 7, Issue 5


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Volume 7, Issue 5
December 2018

In this fast-paced world, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest news and research from so many different sources. What’s true? What’s not? Who is reliable? Who is just trying to sell the latest fad? In an effort to keep you in the loop, we have provided a few of our favorite links below. The first of this issue’s links looks at a response to Emily Hanford’s “Hard Words” radio documentary, and the second set of links continues the theme of teacher preparation. We also look at a couple of resources from Made by Dyslexia.

  1. “An Open Letter to My Ed School Dean”
    This article by Robert Pondiscio examines Emily Hanford’s radio documentary, “Hard Words,” about how reading instruction does not line up with reading science. Since that piece aired, there has been a call for educational professionals to write letters to their ed school deans expressing how their degree programs left them unprepared to teach reading and asking for change. This is Pondiscio’s letter, and it’s well worth reading.

  2. National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ)
    Three links from the National Council on Teacher Quality recently caught our notice. All three relate to improving instruction through better teacher feedback and preparation.

    1. Making a Difference: Six Places Where Teacher Evaluation Systems Are Getting Results
    2. Strengthening Reading Instruction Databurst
    3. Feedback Is Fundamental

  3. Global Summit: Made by Dyslexia

    Note from the Examiner Editorial Board: “Not every child with dyslexia will have an extraordinary gift, but every child has strengths and affinities that should be nurtured. For the child with dyslexia, this may be especially important.” 

    Made by Dyslexia is a global organization that leverages the voices of famous people with dyslexia to promote better understanding of what dyslexia is and how those who have it can best be supported. Two interesting resources from Made by Dyslexia can be accessed below: an overview booklet and a video.

  4. IDA’s New Board Members
    IDA is pleased to welcome Janet Thibeau, Josh Clark, Don Compton, Dean Conklin, Carolyn Cowen, Gad Elbeheri, and Robert Lane, to the IDA Board of Directors. Click through to learn more about our new board members.

  5. Reviewers Wanted
    IDA is seeking detail-oriented reading educator preparation professionals and program faculty members, with experience applying the principles and practices of Structured Literacy to prevent reading failure and/or to remediate off-track readers (including readers with disabilities) with profiles characteristic of dyslexia, to serve as peer reviewers with an IDA Program Review and Accreditation Team. This link provides the requirements and responsibilities of this important service appointment.

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