Assistive Technology Resources During Difficult Times

Dr. Dave has shared his wisdom and knowledge of assistive technology with our readers for years. Now more than ever, we need creative ways to help our students access content. Check out these helpful articles from past issues of the Examiner.

AT for Writing: What About Low-Tech Access?

AT for Note-taking: Another Approach

AT for Reading: Reading by Pen

AT for Reading: More Web Reading Options

David C. Winters, Ph.D., Fellow/AOGPE, is an associate professor in the Department of Special Education at Eastern Michigan University. He has been a classroom teacher, tutor, diagnostician, administrator, and tutor/teacher trainer for more than 30 years and is a member of the International Dyslexia Association Orton Oaks. He currently teaches courses introducing preservice teachers to special education; in addition, he teaches courses in instructional and assistive technology, writing, and assessment in special education for preservice special educators and speech language pathologists.


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