Dyslexia Screener for School-Age Children

School Age Dyslexia Screener


The Colorado Learning Disabilities Questionnaire – Reading Subscale (CLDQ-R) is a screening tool designed to measure risk of reading disability (i.e. dyslexia) in school-age children (Willcutt, Boada, Riddle, Chhabildas, DeFries & Pennington, 2011). Normative scores for this questionnaire were developed based on parent-reports of their 6-18 year old children, as well as actual reading testing of these children. Willcutt, et al. (2011) found that the CLDQ-R is reliable and valid. It is important to note that the CLDQ-R is only a screener and does not constitute a formal evaluation or diagnosis. If you have concerns about your child’s reading progress, we recommend that you contact your child’s school, a licensed child psychologist, or your child’s primary care physician about pursuing a more thorough evaluation to investigate the nature of these concerns. For more information about the symptoms, causes and treatment of reading disability (dyslexia), please visit the International Dyslexia Association website.

Never/ Not at all

Rarely/ A little


Frequently/ Quite a bit

Always/ a Great Deal

1. Has difficulty with spelling

2. Has/had difficulty learning letter names

3. Has/had difficulty learning phonics (sounding out words)

4. Reads slowly

5. Reads below grade level

6. Requires extra help in school because of problems in reading and spelling

This screener was developed by the Colorado Learning Disabilities Research Center (NICHD 027802);  Anne Arnett MA and Eric Aune MA helped develop the online versions.