The First Grade Classroom

The classroom pictured below looks comforting and inviting, however there are characteristics that may get in the way of reading instructions.

  1. Area to the right contains pictures that are difficult to see. This area would be a great place for a pocket chart.
  2. American flag is blocking the alphabet
  3. Keyword for “W” is whip. Whip may be pronounced with and without the  consonant blend “wh.” A word like “web” would be a better choice.
  4. Some chairs are facing away from the front of the room. If the teacher needs to address the class, students will not be positioned to see the teacher speak.
  5. The left and right sides of the desk are indistinguishable which can be confusing if a teacher refers to “left” or “right.” A strip of colored tape on the the left side of the desk would fix the problem.
  6. While reading rugs can be welcoming, it can be difficult to teach specific reading skills in this setting.
  7. Area to the left is cluttered. Instead of cards valentines and photographs, perhaps a short list of important words that cannot be sounded out. For example, “was,” “from,” and “said.”