IDA Takes Bold Steps to improve Reading Instruction

What is the most serious problem facing young students with dyslexia? The problem is that students with dyslexia do not have access to effective reading instruction in their public schools.

The good news is that Structured Literacy, the rigorous, systematic and explicit phonics driven approach to reading instruction that works best for students with dyslexia also works best for most other students as well.

To promote better reading instruction for all students with dyslexia and all other students, IDA has published the Knowledge and Practice Standards defining what evidence shows to be the most effective way to teach all beginning readers.  We have begun accrediting universities that prepare their graduates to bring Structured Literacy into their classrooms.  We are building a certification exam to provide credentials to teachers who have the knowledge to teach reading in the right way.

Now IDA is preparing a marketing campaign to share with educators evidence showing how Structured Literacy is a better way to teach reading for students with dyslexia and improve reading scores for other students as well.

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