IDA Branch Website Training

In 2016 IDA launched a major undertaking in line with the Destiny Initiative to present branch websites in an integrated manor under the larger brand umbrella of the IDA. Training sessions are conducted at the end of each month to help branch leadership transition into the new WordPress platform each website is constructed upon. These training sessions are designed to help anyone unfamiliar with the platform become comfortable managing the content on their own websites. These sessions have been designed to cover basic information about the strategy, the dashboard, pages and posts, menus and widgets and the media library as well as ways in which one can customize a website. The following videos are recordings of each of the first three webinars. Return to these again and again as needed. For more information about training and to have your questions answered, contact Andre Paquin at or at 732-471-7722.

Session 1 – General Overview

Session 2 – Media Library, Posts, Pages, Events, Menus & Widgets

Session 3 – Customizing Your Website