2010 Remy Johnston Achievement Award

Share This: Facebooktwitterlinkedin Jessica Dupiche Black & White HeadshotThe Remy Johnston Achievement Award was established to honor the memory of a fine student with dyslexia whose promising life was tragically cut short a few months prior to graduating from college.  This award recognizes a young student with dyslexia who:

  • Is a worthy role models for others, and
  • Refuses to be limited by the challenges of learning differences, and
  • Strives for excellence, choosing to live as an achiever, and
  • Continues to enrich the lives of families, friends, employers and the communities in which he or she lives through service.

Eighteen year old Jessica Dupiche has been selected as the 2010 Remy Johnston Award Winner.  Jessica was identified with dyslexia early in her elementary school years.  Prior to being diagnosed, she was picked up by other children because she read slowly while others viewed her as lazy.  Once she began receiving assistance by an amazing reading specialist, her confidence began to soar.  She has grown in her own academic performance and in her dedication to helping others who are dyslexic. She participates in a school leadership program that promotes community involvement which has provided her the opportunity to work with younger students.  This allows Jessica to help teach younger students what she struggled to learn. Jessica is also involved in Future Business Leaders of America, Peer Assisted Leadership Society, and AVID (a college preparation organization).  Jessica has devoted considerable time to volunteer activities at the YMCA, Rosa Parks Elementary School, and Pleasant Hill Nursing Home.  In fact, it was through her mentoring experience with a young student with dyslexia that Jessica learned that being dyslexic wasn’t her challenge, but rather her calling.  She is currently pursuing an education degree at Tarleton State University.