Rick Smith Headshot

Rick Smith

Rick Smith, Chief Executive Officer

Rick joined IDA in January, 2015 as CEO. Rick is responsible for the strategic advancement of the International Dyslexia Association, its brand, and all IDA programs nationally and globally.  Under his leadership, the organization has designed the IDA Destiny, implemented IDA’s first global brand advancement and development initiative, TeamQuest, and integrated planning and performance management. Rick has 35 years of experience in organizational management and is nationally recognized as a top organizational strategist and visionary having managed large organizations generating over $400,000,000. During his tenure, Rick has been President and CEO of the American Liver Foundation, President of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in Arizona and Maryland, CEO of the American Diabetes Association in California and New Mexico and Executive Director of the American Cancer Society in Maryland.

Newton Guerin


Newton Guerin, Chief Operating Officer

Newton has served as the International Dyslexia Association’s Chief Operating Officer since February, 2015 and has been instrumental in unifying the Association’s nationwide operations and brand enhancement. Newton brings over 37 years of leadership experience with senior management positions in four of the nation’s leading voluntary health agencies.

David Holste

David Holste, Chief Financial Officer

David joined IDA as Chief Financial Officer in February 2013. He is responsible for the finance and operations of the organization, which include accounting, audit, human resources, payroll, facilities/operations and compliance.  As CFO, he has implemented a new accounting system with hosted services, making IDA one of the top 1% of companies to use this technology. He proactively works with auditors to ensure IDA is consistently up to date with regulations and code, as well as work with IDA’s Board and Committees to ensure IDA is financially healthy and growing. David has over 20 years of extensive experience in finance and operations. His past experience includes work in corporate, government, and non-profit sectors.

Anna Reuter

Anna Reuter, Director, Partner Assurance

Anna joined IDA in January 2009 as the Director of Partner Assurance. Her primary responsibilities are providing support to IDA Branch affiliates across the U.S. and Canada, overseeing the growth and expansion of the IDA Global Partners network, managing the process for nationwide implementation of IDA’s Destiny Initiatives, and the development and implementation of trainings and toolkits to support IDA volunteer leadership. Prior to joining IDA, Anna served as the Assistant Regional Vice President of Marketing & Communication and Interim Vice President of Program Services for the Maryland Lung Association. She also served as Program Coordinator for the office of Minority Achievement and Intervention Services for Carroll County Public Schools. Anna has over 25 years of experience in the nonprofit sector.

Denise Douce


Denise Douce, Director, Media/Communications

Denise joined IDA as Director of Media and Communications in 2015. Prior to joining IDA, she provided writing and editorial services as a consultant to businesses, nonprofits, including IDA, and professionals in education, technology, medicine, and law. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, Denise provides leadership, vision, strategic direction, and oversight for all aspects of IDA’s media and communications.

Cyndi Powers


Cyndi Powers, Director, Conference

Cyndi joined IDA in 2012 as the office Administrative Assistant and for the past 3 years, she has gained experience managing the IDA publication sales, assisting the Director of Professional Services and supporting development initiatives, which shifted her position to Manager of Special Projects. Recently, Cyndi moved into the role of Director of Conference, which she is responsible for the Annual Reading, Literacy, and Learning Conference which includes program content management, logistics, marketing, publications, and finances. In addition to conference and events, she is responsible for sponsorship and advertising.

Christy Blevins

Christy Blevins, Project Manager

Christy joined IDA in 2000. As Project Manager, Christy’s primary responsibility is to oversee the membership department.  She addresses member concerns, implements recruitment and dropped member campaigns as well as prepares the monthly renewal notice appeals distributed to members. Prior to becoming Project Manager, Christy served in the Field Services department for almost 13 years. She has worked in the membership department since 2013 and has served the IDA Board of Directors, its branches, and members for almost 16 years.

Stacy Friedman


Stacy Friedman, Accounting Manager

Stacy joined IDA in 2012 and now serves as IDA’s Accounting Manager. Her primary responsibilities include all aspects of accounting, working across departments on budgets and forecasting, as well as assisting the CFO with the annual audit and compliance with State and Federal agencies. Alongside the CFO, Stacy is working on reducing expenditures and maximizing revenues. Stacy holds over 30 years of experience in bookkeeping and accounting.

Lauren Klinedinst


Lauren Klinedinst, Conference Manager

Lauren joined IDA in 2010 as an intern in the Conference Department while finishing her degree in Mass Communications at Towson University. Upon graduation, Lauren came on staff full time to provide support for all IDA events, public relations, and the bookstore. Lauren’s current focus is the conference, which includes handling conference registration, exhibitors, and hotel relations.

Megan Friedman


Megan Friedman, Publications/Communications Coordinator

Megan has worked with IDA since 2012 and was hired in 2015 as the Media/Communications Coordinator. She manages the IDA bookstore and provides support, creative input, and logistics for IDA’s media, communications, and social networks. Megan previously worked at Johns Hopkins University’s School of Public Health where she learned communication and outreach skills that she brought to IDA.

Aimee So

Aimee So, Membership Coordinator

Aimee joined IDA in September 2015 as a volunteer, assisting the Director of Special Projects in the Conference Department. In November of 2015, she was hired as the Conference & Meetings Coordinator, assisting the Conference and Publications departments,  and performing some of the administrative tasks for the bi-annual Board and Executive meetings. In April of 2017, she transitioned into the Membership department as a Membership coordinator, handling data entry and processing memberships, providing assistance with membership questions from constituents, and assisting with administrative tasks pertaining to the Membership department.