Parenting Children with Dyslexia: Where Are You on the Journey?

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September 2015

By Carolyn D. Cowen

ida-examiner-julyaugust-2015-parents-roadmapstages-of-parenting-children-with-dyslexia-1-638Coping with dyslexia can be a challenging journey for parent and child. The way can be easier to navigate for both when parents are able to anticipate some of their own milestones and stages that are ahead.  The slideshow—“Parents’ Roadmap: Stages of Parenting Your Child with Dyslexia”—helps parents gain enough altitude to view the landscape and anticipate milestones for both parent and child. Where are you on the journey? Which stage have you reached?  Which stage do you want to reach?

Click on the cover to the right to start the slideshow.