The Myth of the Quick Fix

Googling the phrase “Cure for Dyslexia” yields more than 16,000 results. As to be expected, many of these results consist of empty promises and quick fixes — companies trying to make a quick buck.

While, dyslexia hucksterism is nothing new (IDA standard bearer, Priscilla Vail wrote extensively about the problem in the 1980’s), the web allows profiteers to extend their reach like never before. From magic gadgets to makeshift software, non-evidence based products are pitched far and wide on the internet. The cost is high and measured not only in dollars but also precious time wasted as children fall farther behind in school.

Don’t believe the myth of the quick fix.  The fact is, reading instruction is hard work and takes preparation, experience, persistence. While the web is full of empty promises, the good news is Structured Literacy is a time honored approach that works.

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